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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:46:10 -0500
Thought you all might be interested in this...


What is Yoper?

The best OS you have ever tried.

Yoper is a high performance operating system which has been carefully 
optimised for PC's with either 686 or higher processor types. The 
binaries that come with Yoper have been built from scratch using the 
original sources combined with the best features of from the major 
distros. However, Yoper is not like the general purpose distros such as 
Redhat or Mandrake. It is high performance. It is compact. In fact Yoper 
is one of the most standardised linux's that you will find and hardware 
performance is better than that of any other commercial OS. With Yoper 
it is possible to import packages from all the other major distros 
including rpm's, deb's, and tgz packages.

What can I use Yoper for?

Terminal servers (Ydesktop terminal server)

Workstations (Ydesktop)

Home systems (Ydesktop)

Cluster systems (Ybase)

Development system able to run thousands of available software packages 
and on which new packages can be developed.

High end and high performance internet servers.

High performance firewalls and routers.

Why another Linux?

As Linus Torvalds stated in a TV interview the reason he started Linux 
is to make the OS market as varied as the car manufacturing market. We 
at Yoper did not want to create just another "VW or "Ford" but wanted to 
created the ultimate car taking the best features of say a McLaren or a 
Mercedes. However YOS is not a Ferrari or a Mercedes when it comes to price.

There is still plenty of room in a market for another OS which is 
dominated by non-unix OS's. Yoper fills the gap between the guru-only 
Gentoo or Linux from scratch OS's, and Linux distros used by businesses 
or home users, that still want the best. For businesses we can adapt 
Yoper for your organization so that you get exactly what you want.

Is Yoper already stable enough for the business or home user?

We have run Yoper without crashes and freezes for the past 9 months and 
consider it more stable than anything we have tried in the last 20 
years. Our beta testers tell us the same thing. The list of systems on 
which we run stable and FAST is growing by the day. We run Yoper servers 
in our data center in New Zealand and the US. In short, for speed and 
stability try Yoper.

What Hardware does Yoper support?

The 686 version of Yoper desktop supports the following CPU's

Pentium Pro/ Celeron

Pentium III /Celeron Coppermine

Pentium 4 /Xeon

Athlon/Duron/K7 (Athlon-xp and athlon-mp)

Cyrix M2

Our kernel and the hardware recognition system uses the Kudzu Plug Play 
System, we therefore support most hardware Red Hat supports. Please go 
to the following URL for an updated list of Hardware 

What are the best features of Linux that are part of Yoper?

Thanks to the contribution of other Linux developers and vendors to open 
source software we have been able to integrated these great features 
into our OS:

The base system is built from scratch.

Packagetools come from Slackware (installpkg, removepkg, xfree86setup).

Raidtools from Redhat.

Kudzu Hardware recognition from RedHat.

Startup scripts from RedHat.

Mozilla from Netscape Ltd.

OpenOffice from SUN.

Cloop and hwsetup for our bootable CD's from Knoppix.

How do you build your own Yoper package?

Open a terminal change to su and type the following

touch /var/install-logs/.timestamp

tar -zxf PACKAGE.tar.gz or tar -jxf PACKAGE.tar.bz2


find `pwd` -exec touch '{}' ';'

./configure --prefix=/whatever you choose --whatever additional options 
you need


make install

install-log PACKAGE

tar -czf /var/install-logs/PACKAGE.tgz -T /var/install-logs/PACKAGE

Once this has been completed the same package can then be converted into 
RPM or deb package using

alien -r /var/install-logs/PACKAGE.tgz

alien -d /var/install-logs/PACKAGE.tgz

That is it. It is that simple to build a package on Yoper. The built 
package can now be either reused if you need to reinstall, or you can 
give it to your mates or use it on another machine.

What is the purpose of Yoper?

Yoper has not been designed to compete with or replace existing Linux 
distros. However, it will be used to support commercial conversions of 
office software from Windows to Yoper. These conversions will be done by 
trained and certified professionals within the Yoper franchise. Most 
technical issues with conversion can be resolved quickly by typing a few 
commands or running a few purpose built scripts. We prefer this method 
to having to develop and support an auto-detection system, that in time 
itself will become increasingly difficult to support.

Ydesktop is not the only product in development, there are a number of 
other products that are currently under development. Ymessaging is the 
next one to be released.

Yoper concentrates with Ydesktop on

1. Speed of deployment

2. Speed, beauty and reliability of the GUI

3. Allows customising through support of other package types

4. Integration into existing networks and systems by authorised technicians

5. Stability and speed

6. Support by authorised technicians for registered users

Although we offer technical support to all our registered users, for 
non-registered users we offer support by way of our forum. If you want a 
general purpose distro that fits all computers and users, then Yoper is 
for you.

With Yoper you have access to most of the packages that come with RH 
8.0, the 10000+ packages from Debian as well as packages from other 
distros. If for some reason a particular packages does not work with 
your system, then for any Yoper registered user an authorised technician 
will be able to compile a package that will work and can be installed on 
any Yoper system.