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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:36:43 -0500
> To Glen Stewart: Could you tell us more about yourself, why you run
> Associate on Linux, what it's like being adminstrator, etc.?

I'm 41, married, have a great wife, a daughter and two sons.  I've been 
married almost 15 years, and have been a Christian for about 35 years (my
mom asked me when I was young).  I've had an up & down life like anybody
else, I guess.

I got into computers in 1985, and spent LOTS of time with a Commodore 64
back then.  In 1987 or so, I bought a C-128.  Then in 1989, my first
Macintosh.  One thing I've noticed, is how selfish computing can be.
Kind of like collecting lots of 'things' that nobody ever benefits from.
I realized that God likes to have a part in everything I do, and that
it'd be great to have a HOBBY devoted to his work - something we can
both enjoy.  So I became a sysop (1991-4).  Nowadays, I'm called a WebMaster 

After several ruined vacations due to the crashed Macintosh, I looked for a 
STABLE operating system to build the server with.  Somewhere around 1997 I 
tried OpenBSD (mac68k) for several months, but the 50Mhz IIci just wasn't 
keeping up with the load generated by the perl-based Smartlist server 
software.  So then I tried Listproc (C-based) on a PowerPC 90Mhz with much 
better success, but the interface was killing me (slow X-server).

Having been an absolute Mac biggot for years, I finally swallowed some pride 
and embraced the regular PC platform in early 2000 by building my own Athlon 
800Mhz server running on Mandrake.  I had been running RedHat at work (since 
version 5) for a year or two prior, and knew RedHat wasn't leading-edge.

I've tracked Mandrake until recently on all the PC's I've maintained, but went 
hog-wild on Debian over the past couple months.  Now that Mandrake is no 
longer supporting 9.0 (as of yesterday), I'm making plans to do *something* 
with the associate.com server.  I hate to make a major change that the 
end-user doesn't see, which is what would happen if I upgrade to Debian but 
keep the same old hardware.  I'd like at least a dual 64-bit AMD board and 
haven't heard much about Debian's support for this.  So we wait.

Linux generally stays running, and it doesn't trash itself like Windows does.  
I had a ruined vacation last Spring when lightening hosed a router - but the 
server kept humming along in it's own little localnet world (-;

Being an admin can be fun.  But when things go wrong, and hundreds of people 
are emailing asking what the problem is - or threatening to leave your free 
service because they aren't getting what they expect...well, it can be 
frustrating.  I LOVE to innovate.  Linux fits my personality that way.

If you're married and your wife doesn't appreciate what you do, you might want 
to find something else to spend time on.  If your wife approves/supports a 
technical ministry, God bless you - she may appreciate that you are home and 
not out with the boys.  If you're not married and have time and energy and 
love people, don't waste in front of a monitor - go work with people face to 
face.  Jesus did.

Although my work with the system often seems quite technically oriented,
my purpose for being here is to exercise my skills/hobby in a way that
honors God. I don't do this perfectly (nobody does) but I'm trying to do
it well.

Associate.com is an attempt to enjoy a mutual hobby, while presenting
information and opportunities for presenting the good news - the Gospel.
The intention behind the non-ministry features is to provide something
wholesome to the public which will draw them in, and interspersing
(seeding) the services here with things that present God's truths and

It is my hope that every visitor will come away with some thoughts about
the interest their Creator has in them; that this system is available
(as I am) as a resource to learn more about our Savior, and that this
ministry is a direct result of my desire to please and serve God - this
being my response to His call for me to love him back.

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