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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 19:59:05 -0500
As Debian draws nearer to a 3.1 release, articles like this are nice to see...


"As far as I know, Debian is one of only two distributions (even operating 
systems) with a social contract (Gentoo is the other). All Debian developers 
agree to this contract, which covers important concepts such as being %100 
free, giving back to the free software community, promising not to hide 
problems, stating the first priorities as the users and free software, and 
more. It is more contract than money can buy."

Since it's been about 6 months since I plugged Debian here, I'll do it again.  
Probably the most compelling features are the speed of getting updates, the 
compatibility of those updates with the rest of the system over time, and the 
quantity of packages supported.  

An analogy: using Debian is like owning your own Super-Walmart in your house - 
anything you need is right there without a hassle or fee.  Compare this to 
several other Mom&Pop-Shop distributions where the selection is limited and 
you have to pay before you can get out of the store.

Debian still takes some up-front configuration, but it preserves those  
configurations very carefully through upgrades and updates.  

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