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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 08:18:54 -0500
I briefly mentioned LiVES 3+ years ago, but wanted to bring it up again, as 
being the best free video editor I've used on Linux.


Some features...


    * Loading and editing of most video formats (via mplayer decoder).
    * Smooth playback at variable frame rates, forward and in reverse. Display 
framerate can be controlled independantly of playback framerate.
    * Cut and paste of frames within and between clips.
    * Saving/re-encoding of clips, selections, and individual frames.
    * Lossless backup/restore.
    * Streaming input and output.
    * Real time blending of clips (chroma and luma blends).
    * Can handle in/out streams in yuv4mpeg format. Streams can be piped from 
stdout into other applications.
    * Supports fixed and variable framerates. Playback rate can be smoothly 
adjusted independant of display rate.
    * Ability to 'scratch' with video - that is to move smoothly backwards and 
forwards through it, and to record yourself doing so.
    * Playback can use LiVES' own internal player, there is also a high 
performance fullscreen SDL playback plugin
    * Internal support for RGB24, RGBA32, YUV420 (TV), and UYVY palettes; 
horizontal chroma subsampling is implemented.
    * Ability to edit many filetypes and sources including remotely located 
files (with mplayer/ffmpeg libraries), and directories of images.
    * Real time capture/recording of interactive (via mouseclicks) external 
    * Encode to any of the 50+ output formats which are now supported (e.g. 
mjpeg, mpeg4, mpeg1/2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, ogg/mp4 ogm, Matroska mkv, dv, swf, 
Ogg Theora, Dirac, MNG, Snow, xvid, and even animated GIF and PDF!)
    * Encoder formats can be extended through the encoder plugin API.
    * LiVES will suggest the best settings for saving to each format.
    * Resampling of video (time stretching) to any frame rate (1 to 200 fps - 
accurate to 8 decimal places); option to auto-resample or speed up/slow down 
between clips.
    * Ability to instantly alter the playback speed of video and audio 
    * Rotation, resizing and trimming of video clips.
    * Deinterlacing, subtitle removal.
    * Instant saving/loading of clips for performances/presentations.


    * Can load mp3, ogg, mod, xm and wav files.
    * LiVES can also load tracks directly off CD to use with your video (using 
    * Ability to save audio selections, and append audio.
    * Sound can be trimmed to fit video selections.
    * Cutting and pasting of audio within and between clips.
    * Resampling of audio (rate, channels, sample size, signedness and 
endianness); audio is auto-resampled between clips.
    * Supports (auto)inserting of silence and deletion of audio sections.
    * Able to record from any external audio source.
    * Fade in/fade out feature for clips.
    * Audio speed and direction can be smoothly adjusted; both in real time 
and when rendering.


    * Many effects, including random/targeted zooming, panning of video, 
colour cycling and colorisation/colour filtering.
    * Merging/compositing of frames is possible: e.g. frame-in-frame, fade 
in/out and transparency.
    * Real time previews as the effect is processing.
    * Support for the LiViDO effect plugin architecture which will allow 
sharing of realtime effects with other applications. Experimental support for 
this framework is already included.
    * Use real time effects to blend clips together, regardless of frame size 
or fps. Luma and chroma blending are currently supported.
    * Multiple real time effects are now possible during playback (VJ mode), 
these can also be rendered to frames.
    * Effects and transitions are now fully customisable using the RFX builder 
    * Effects/blends can also be applied to incoming streams in real time.
    * Dynamic loading of effects.

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