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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 23:01:11 EDT
>>Joe Revesz wrote:
>>You know, we have another option to possibly clear up the whole 
>>"other planet" and "cosmic prison" controversy.  We can change 
>>history of EdenAgain to a storyline where the original inhabitants 
>>were living in an untainted world, until the Red Dragon came and 
>>helped it to fall.  He first "converted" the dragons, and used them 
>>to spread terror, etc.  The dragons worked on those races who 
>>eventually became the Dark Creatures, and caused them to fall.  Any 
>>beings not turning to the "dark side" were eliminated.  (Dragon 
>>battles, Cool!)  The dragons and the Dark Creatures then began the 
>>subjugation of the rest of the planet.

>>It is possible to say that only the human races (humans, elves, 
>>dwarves...) had members who repented and went back to the OverLord.  

>>This idea leaves things the way they are, for the most part, clears 
>>up the spaceship stuff, leaves the Dark Creatures unredeemable...

>>Of course, there could be problems with it.  Any comments?

Jeff Smith wrote:
>Although I'd like to keep the dragons basically evil in their very 
>nature (that is, not "converted" but inherantly evil), I like the idea
>having the various races be unredeemedly twisted forms of humanity (or
>native races?).  Of course, that would eliminate some of the humor and
>given by the descriptions of their origins as currently developed. 
>a little mystery as to the source of these Dark Creatures (those other 
>races could have been kidnapped from other planets, after all, and the
>on EdenAgain never know from whence they came).

[One arguement for keeping the spaceships is that it would be neat for a
LightRaider to find some old technology, say a laser pistol ( or maybe a
light sabre).]

Okay, no native dragons on EdenAgain  (Erets), the original history can
stay the same for them, the Red Dragon brought one egg from where ever
(did he use a spaceship?), and from it hatched the nine vile parent

These dragons perverted the native creatures (goblins, orcs, humans,

Joe R

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