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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 17:22:54 -0700 (PDT)

It seems to me that would be impossible by the very definition of
unredeemed.  How can that which has no capacity to do good do good.  I
think that falls to the Romans Chapter One passage where it talks
about God giving men over to their passions and a reprobate mind.
Reprobate means just that.  They are so given over to their own
passions and selfish pursuits they have no time or desire to pursue
anything else.  It just isn't consistent with evil.  You know what I


---Nathan King <nking@...> wrote:
> >Depending on how it is written, there is no reason for anyone to be
> >confused by the history of the dragons and Dark Creatures.  Maybe I
> >too black and white, but if the rules say, "there are no good
> >and dragons can not be redeemed", I am not going to go looking for
> >good dragons.  Neither will I try to convert a bad one.  Am I too
> >simplistic in my thinking, or in an expectation that people can
(once we
> >write it) understand and accept a simple statement so that they can
> >a game?
> >
> >Joe R
> I suppose Pegusi to Dragons isn't that far of a move (physically
> I forgot who proposed that idea, but I like it. Out of curiosity, is
> possible for a dragon to see the folly of his ways and help the
> LightRaiders, even though he cannot be redeemed? (i.e. he knows he's
> condemned, but he's decided to turn back and follow the OLMN
anyway.) Is
> that way too 'out there'? It's been a question I've thought about in
> real world as well. Now, obviously, the 'turncoat' dragon/demon
would be
> highly suspect of being 'up to something', simply because there's no
> for them in such a move... they're ostracised by both sides. Comments?
> 							Nathan
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