[dragonraid] Re: A Good Dragon is a Whupped Dragon!

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From: Jeff Smith <thehold@...>
At 02:08 pm 9/8/98 -0500, Nathan King wrote:

>I think that's a good point, but here an analogy can be drawn to those
>inside the church who would corrupt it. They would be OnceBorn who were
>fully aware of the OLMN's plans and so could act like a true TwiceBorn but
>is actually in full rebellion against the Almighty. The shapeshifting of
>goblins or orcs could allow for an unwary TwiceBorn to be misled by a
>seemingly good 'human being'. Until the lie comes to light, the TwiceBorn
>could sow dissention among God's own children. 
>								Nathan

As I understand it, the selfoe has been changed slightly to accomplish this
-- without discernment, he looks human.  It's also more in keeping with that
Dark Creature's Sin Enchantment and other elements.

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