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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 23:13:33 EST
 "David Staley" <dragonraid@...> writes:
>I was curious how many of you were running active Raid teams and what 
>their makup was like?  

Actually, I want to tell you about someone else's group.  He doesn't have
a computer yet, or email, but we are working on him.  Terry Lilley lives
in Akron, and is part of our adult group.  He is also running two groups
on Sundays, one for Sunday School, and the other after church.  The kids
are all pre-teen boys, so pray for Terry.  I believe that both of his
sons are in the two groups.  He is really doing well with all the kids. 
They are memorizing the WRs and using them. They also remind each other
when the OLMN wouldn't like certain things.  I visited one of the
sessions, and had a good time watching.  Some of the kids have behavoiral
problems, but Terry says that DR is helping them.  Terry has also run
games for neighborhood kids at his house.


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