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Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 14:08:41 -0900
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>Subject: Re: Raid Teams
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> Colin Steele <pilgrim@...> writes:
>>And now I have an unrelated question: When are players able to fill a
>special >role-class? I seem to remember someone saying that they had to
>wait until after >Moonbridges? WHY???
>Adventure Master Manual, page 68, under Character Role Classes.  They
>have to wait for three adventures.  LightRaider Test, Rescue of the
>Sacred Scrolls, and MoonBridge, are three adventures.  Even though
>MoonBridge is three parts, it is one adventure.  I know a few groups let
>characters advance after the first part of MoonBridge.  I would like to
>see a shorter adventure come before MoonBridge, so that some characters
>could have their special roles before starting MoonBridge, and fix this

This is true -- that would be preferred. Another questions we recently
thought of was what do animal companions do when the LightRaiders go into a
hollow tree? Envisioning a bear going through a hollow tree would be
entertaining (not saying it wouldn't work though!). But leaving animal
companions behind in the DragonLands doesn't seem right either. Presents
some interesting questions.

I've wondered of having an 'apprentice' stage after two adventures where
whatever special benefits could be tried or attempted with say success
rolls but wouldn't be automatic except in dire circumstances (like
life-threatening battle).  Just a thought or two.

Steve C.