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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 11:08:09 EST
 elrond@... (Jakup Michaelsen) writes:
>Been a while since I've had time to do some e-mailing.  My group and I
are going to >start playing DR next Friday.  We'll meet tonight for some
instructions and creating >characters.  This is my first go at RPGs, and
I'll be AM'ing. Anyway, I have a 
>question: Should my players learn any WordRunes before LRT? And how do I
>them started memorizing?

Your players should go through all the WRs ( including the TeamRunes )and
see which ones they are eligible to use.  Memorizing one or two DL 1s a
week shouldn't be too difficult.  And they should start right away, since
they don't know which ones that they will need to use at any time.

As to their motivation, remind them that all difficulty rolls could be
made easier by reciting a WR.  Also, one of the ways that their character
can grow is to recite WRs and gain MUs.  Dark Creature attacks can
subtract MUs, so if you do not earn any, you could be in a hole pretty
quickly.  The dragon WRs are easy damage on the dragons.

You are operating a a disadvantage by running DR for your friends.  It is
really meant to have the AM as a "spiritual authority".  Whether a Youth
Pastor, adult, or older teen running it for younger teens.  The AM is not
to be "boss", but a leader to guide the group through the teaching
situations.  Your friends may not allow you to be "authority", since they
are your equals.  You just have to encourage them to play DragonRaid the
way it is meant to be.  If they don't want to memorize WRs, don't hold it
against them though.  But don't help them in the game when they could
recite a WR to help themselves.  Don't change the cited DLs, let them
fail the rolls.  Eventually, they should  get the idea.

>PS  How about a new DC: Vampires! Their sin-enchantment could be sexual
>imorality...? Just a suggestion.

Somebody is confusing classic vampires with the modern Hollywood variety.
 This is a touchy DC because of its nature.  (Rules Guy hat off) In my
opinion, encouraging kids to play a character trying to be sexually
immoral is very bad.  They don't need help doing that in real life and it
could be very awkward in a close group, and it looks bad to those looking
on.  There could be another Sin Enchantment to use, vampire is on the
list of DCs we are considering.


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