[dragonraid] Re: animals and hollow trees

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From: "jackray" <jackray@...>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 11:26:58 -0500
Where did the 'Three Hollow Trees' come from??  The map of the Liberated
Lands clearly shows "West Vale of the Passage Lakes", "East Vale of the
Passage Lakes", and "North Vale of the Passage Lakes".  These groups of
lakes each leads to a separate hollow tree, so there are many more than
three.  I am thinking of the collections of lakes, as along SC's east edge,
or in Minnesota.  Lots of small lakes, each leading to a specific HT.  Then
the team moves out from there.  As in MBR or Faire, the tree puts them in
the area, not right on top of the place they are going.
> Also, since the Dragon Lands is so large, about 4000 miles across we
> decided several months ago, three Hollow Trees would not be enough to
> provide easy access to the whole continent.  So I propose that any tree
> can be used by the OLMN to become a Hollow Tree.  After use, it could
> revert back to whatever it was or stay a large tree, and be used as a
> Hollow Tree again, or not.