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From: cmcdaniels@... (Clayton E McDaniel)
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 14:04:09 EST
Hi David
	I'm Clayton McDaniel, Youth Minister in Charlotte, NC.  I don't
write much, but I read all of the DR comments which are helpful.  You
asked who's doing raids, team makeup, etc.  I' m currently doing the
Rescue of the Sacred Scrolls with a group of eight Jr. & Sr. highers.  I
also have another adult, Perry Harward, who is excellent at role-playing,
so we switch off role-playing & narrarating during the adventures.  We
meet once a month on a Friday or Sunday night from 8-11pm.  Right now,
the group is in Thuella's castle.  We started the group last summer and
met weekly, but we haven't been able to do that since school started.
	This is my fourth time as AM with a youth group.  It's nice to
have Perry helping because I've always had to do it all myself.  All four
groups I have done DR with have loved it and their faith has really
grown, especially in the area of memorizing scripture.  The kids use
their verses and remember them outside the game which is exactly what I
want to happen.  They have used what they've learned in DR in youth group
which is great.
	I'll have lots of Jr. highers wanting to play this, so I'll start
another raid team this summer.  We always open with prayer and to get in
the youth room to play, they have to memorize a verse which emphasizes
memorizing which they like, we always have food, & we start with a review
of what happened last time.
	I hope this answers your questions.  Anything else I can help you
with, please let me know.  Take care, and "If God is for us, who can be
against us?"
		Godspeed, Clayton
On Thu, 05 Feb 1998 13:23:02 PST "David Staley" <dragonraid@...>
>I was curious how many of you were running active Raid teams and what 
>their makup was like?  Such as, where you meet, how long have you met, 
>what are the ages of people in group, and other stuff like that?  
>I was wondering how you got your groups going and what (if any) 
>opposition you received?
>The group that I am currently in now is located in Akron, Ohio and has 
>been meeting for over a year.  It is comprised of all adults, and 
>now runs 5 players strong with me as the active AM (this time). We got 
>together after meeting Jack Ray on this list, realizing he lived about 
>10 minutes away from me and was an experienced AM!   The rest is 
>history.... Jack led our group through all of published DR adventures 
>and now we are playtesting Jack's "The County Faire" adventure.  
>About 4 years ago, I tried to get a group started in our Church, but 
>couldn't stir up committments to DragonRaid.  Only one parent was 
>of DR, but all the others were supportive (although not in action). :( 
>I pray that God will open the door for me to AM a young group in the 
>In Christ,
>David Staley
>aka - Taran
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