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From: Nathan and Romney Ashton <iart@...>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 18:10:05 -0600
Well... I think it VITAL that any creature we add have a specific
purpose and not be added for gore value or to bring up 'Raid's DC count.
Having said that, here is the Vampire from my archives. While some
detail of apearance and better names than "male" and "female" would be
desirable, the purpose and enchantment of the DC is detailed.

In keeping with the no-talisman grounds of 'Raid, neither a cross or
garlic is effective against the Vampire. However, some selfoe's have
been known to spread such rumors.

As I said, I only implemented this DC because there was imperitive that
I show (desciple) my group the danger of Adultery. The Gross Darkness of
the male can be used as a stand alone but very often it is found in
people living in sin.

Let me know what you think.


Section III

New DC

[Adventure Master NOTE:  The Vampire is the most dangerours Dark
Creature I have ever run up against.  A Vampires tactic and Enchantment
are so hideously real that the Vampire should not be used against any
but the most seasoned group.  Do not implement the Vampire lightly, and
pray first.]


The Vampire is perhaps the most formidable Dark Creature opponent to be
faced in the DragonLands.  Deathly pale and standing about six feet tall
they almost always appear taller by positioning themselves on high
ground (on top of a large rock, or at the head of stairs).  They often
make their abode in a dwelling formerly held by one of their victims. 
They are vain creatures and will frequent the more lavish abode.  Yet,
being creatures of darkness (Job 24:15-18), they are unable to maintain
the dwelling and it quickly falls to ruin.  Beware the abandoned castle!

Vampires originated on the planet of Leoht where they once lived a
peaceable existence as vegetarian creatures with golden colored skin. 
Their fang-like front teeth were adept at piercing the thick bark of
trees and sucking sap from within.  Then a small community of Vampires
found that they could bite each other and suck blood instead of sap. 
Both attacker and victim gained a twisted sense of pleasure from the
act, but that pleasure was at a price.  The Vampires’ bodies were not
created to process blood and so began to malfunction.  First, their skin
began to lose its golden hue and turn white.  Next, they were confined
to darkness because their white skin was not able to handle sunlight. 
Then finally, tree sap was not able to give them sustenance and they
were forced to prey on each other in order to keep from starving to
death.  To save the race, the white-skinned Vampires were exiled to
EdenAgain where they serve the Shadow Dragon Skotos.

Although they still must feed on blood, Vampires have found it better to
keep a “flock” of DragonSlaves under their power and thereby not have to
suck any one of them dry.  You may recognize any of those frequented by
the Vampire by the presence of puncture wounds on their neck, wrist, or
belly. Both male and female vampires are found in the DragonLands
together with their flock The male vampires operate in the power of
Gross Darkness while the female draws victums into Whoredom. While male
vampires may be found alone, the femals almost always seduces and lives
with a male vampire. In return the female comes under their Darkness

Female Vampires:

Also called “Strange Women,” (see Prov 7) a female vampire seaks for
what they call “the precious life” (Prov 6:26). Her first attack is
through apearance and words. This casts a tempory Adultery enchantment,
luring the victum into her arms. The actual, lasting, sin enchantment is
passed only through her bite. That bite elicts a dull burning sensation
within the belly of the victum (Prov 6:27-28) which only goes away when
they are engaged in sex. The drive to have sex causes the victum to hunt
others with lustful intent. When they are having intercourse, the
Strange Woman shows up and joins them; further spreading the sin
enchantment of Whoredom. Female vampires have been the end to many
strong men and “Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers
of death” (Prov 7:26-27).

Reasoning with the female vampire’s victum is usually useless since they
are almost always bound by Gross Darkness to the male (see below). While
the female draws the victum in to Adultery (Prov 7) the male blankets
their mind in Gross Darkness and converts them into a flock.

Male Vampires:

Male vampires are of two classes, Greater and Lesser.  Lesser Vampires
are always robed in black while Greater Vampires have red accents to
their robes in proportion to their rank.  A Male vampire’s rank is
determined by how many people he has under his power, and those bound by
his enchantment are never totally free until the Vampire is dead.  A
Vampire’s primary power is Darkness and he uses it to cloud the minds of
men.  They have found that if they can cloud the mind and keep “eyes”
closed and “ears” dull of hearing (Acts 28:24-27), then the person will
be unable to hear the call of the Lord.


While the female vampire carries no weapons, the male favors a thin
piercing sword and is an ugly match for a LightRaider in a strictly
one-on-one fight.  But the Vampire never fights alone.  The Darkness
that covers the minds of his “flock” is manipulated by the Vampire and
through this he will throw DragonSlaves between the RaidParty and
himself.  Although only about 1 in 5 of his “flock” is trained in any
style of fighting, sheer numbers make it difficult to reach the Vampire.
While the largest group ever reported answering a Lesser Vampire’s call
is 6, it is not uncommon for a Greater Vampire to call for 30
DragonSlaves to stand between his body and the RaidParty’s swords.  Then
when the group is about to reach him, he flees.  The only way to bind
the Vampire long enough to kill him is with the Binding TeamRune
[Matthew 18:18] and a unison demand that the Vampire be bound with the
words:  “Vampire, in Jesus’ name, you are Bound!  Hold where you are!” 
The vampire is then held physically immobile for one hour.


Reasoning with a male vampire’s flock is not fruitful because they are
unable to understand due to the clouding effect of the GrossDarkness
Enchantment. Even quoting the Sacred Scrolls has no effect!! We remember
how often the OLMN cried out "He who has ears to hear let them hear!"
Even in His time, some were bound and could not hear the scripture He
was quoting. But do not lose heart! You can get a momentary breakthrough
through the use of the Gift of Healing or by casting the Spirit of
Darkness off of the person.  Once free, that individual can, and must,
receive the Fantastic Invitation or they will slip back under the
covering of Darkness the next night.  This is because they actually gain
a numb sort of pleasure form being bitten and living under the influence
of the Darkness.

There is a greater danger to a LightRaider than simply physical death. 
The Vampire will try to subvert the group though stealth raids at
night.  If bitten by the female and entraped by the Adultery Enchatment,
the LightRaider will willingly follow the female to her house where the
male is waiting. A LightRaider’s defense is his Faithfulness character
strength plus his Sword of the Spirit. The Sword helps because Proverbs
7:2,5 says “Leep my commandments and live… that they may keep you from
the Strange Woman.”

If bitten by the Vampire and entrapped by the GrossDarkness Enchantment,
the LightRaider loses his ability to understand scripture, and also
loses his ability to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit.  A
LightRaider’s Belt of Truth is his best defense against this attack. 
Just before the StarLot is rolled in defense against the Enchantment,
the GloryCovering WordRune [Isaiah 60:1-2] may be quoted to reduce the
difficulty level of the Enchantment by 3.  In order to free a
LightRaider once entrapped, the LightRaider must be released from the
Darkness (as above), regular Enchantment Battle takes place (as rules
dictate), and then they must participate in the killing of the Vampire. 
The one advantage LightRaiders have is that they are allowed another
check against their Belt of Truth (GloryCovering WordRune is
permissible, but its effects are not compound) every night; thus, they
are not automatically pulled under the covering of GrossDarkness again
with the setting of the sun.


Name            Damage         BA    PV   Abilities
Male Vampire    Sword SSt+2    18    50   VIS: Dark  9
                Bite 1-4       14         VIS: Light 3
                                          VIS: Sun 0
Female Vampire  Bite 1-4       10    35   -as male-

Sunlight causes 4 points of damage per round if any skin is exposed.


New Runes


GloryCovering WordRune
Isaiah 60:1-2
Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen
upon thee.  For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross
darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory
shall be seen upon thee.
Isaiah 60:1-2
KN 3        DL 2
The LightRaider who can say the GloryCovering WordRune will reduce the
male Vampire’s GrossDarkness Enchantment by 3 Difficulty Levels.
FA + 2 m.u.   May be used once per encounter   SS + 2 m.u.


Binding TeamRune
Matthew 18:18
Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound
in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in
Matthew 18:18
“Vampire, in Jesus’ name, you are Bound!  Hold where you are!”
KN 4        DL 1
The use of the Binding TeamRune causes the targeted Vampire to be held
immobile for one hour.  The phrase “Vampire, in Jesus’ name, you are
Bound!  Hold where you are!” must also be spoken in unison to complete
the binding.  The targeted Vampire must be within sight of all the Party
Members at the time this Rune is to be used.
FA + 1 m.u.   May be used as needed   SS + 1 m.u.