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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 22:15:35 EST
Just to let you all know where the Undead (Abominations) COULD fit into
the next edition of DragonRaid (DR2ED):

Dragon Families/Dark Creatures Controlled

Crystal /Abares /Burdensome
Muk                  Worry
Grim                 Burden
Shade                Apathy

Dream /Ekklino /Falsehood
Selfoe               Glory Hog

Firedrake /Emphobos /Terrify
Barrow Wright        Terror
Ghoul                Revulsion
Skeleton             Despair
Wraith              *Fear

Flourescent /Eidolon /Idol
Golden Calf          Idolatry
           /Hedone /Lust
Troll, Cave          Owning Things
Troll, Forest        Power Hungry
Troll, Water         Money Love

Gaze /Cholos /Cripple
Gargoyle             Cruelty
Goblin               Bully
Mound Orc            Revenge 

Rainbow /Tuphoo /Pride
WoodSprite           BubbleHead (Vain Notions)

Sea Dragon /Sunchusis /Confusion
Fluster Beast        Double-Minded

Shadow /Dolios /Deception
Cave Spider          Little White Lie
Greedo               Unearned Wealth
       /Skotos /Darkness
Ghost                   Void
Mummy                *Entropy
Vampire              *Grave

       /Treskos /Religious
- - - 

Slime /Apobletos /Rejection
Banshee              Loss
Giant                  Mediocrity
Spectre             *Hopelessness
Zombie              * Despair
      /Schisma /Division
Gall Buzzard         Bitterness

NOTE: These are not set in stone, and some of the Sin Enchantments need
changed or reworked ( * ).

Some of the things that the Rules Committee is keeping in mind while
considering all new DCs are:

Does it have a unique Sin Enchantment?  Does this SE need to be used in
the DR system?  How?  What kind of problems could be associated with
using this DC?  And a couple of boring Rules things ( BA, PV, etc.).

If anyone has some completely new and different DCs that they want to
submit, please  consider all of the above, and include a physical
description.  Believe me, we have plenty of the classical monster types
covered.  We do need the New and Different.

At the moment, we are not considering WRs for any of them, since there is
no need to do the work if the DC does not make the final cut.  Besides,
that would be Jack's job!  You're welcome.


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