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From: papabeardm@... (David L. Milner)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 10:36:01 -0700
	I suppose it could be useful to have these critters, but they
would have to have a very specific purpose, and I don't think sexual
immorality is quite on point.  As to the Zombie idea, if you're going to
do that, why not just have zombies?  Also, in Tolkein, the Ringwraiths
were kings that had given themselves over to the "dark side" in exchange
for a form of immortality.  There is a really dramatic encounter between
Gandalf and the head Ringwraith.

	I think we need to be very careful in creating new DC's that we
not devise something really clever that has a tendency to backfire. 
Example:  During the Civil War, (or as those of us from South of the
Mason-Dixon Line refer to it, the War of the Confederacy for
Independence), some so-called weapons expert decided that it would be
really good to have a weapon consisting of two cannons set twenty feet
apart, firing two cannonballs with a chain between them.  Theoretically,
it would mow down a line of infantry.  Unfortunately, in practice they
discovered a fatal flaw.  In order for this to work, the two cannons had
to fire exactly simultaneously, and with the same velocity.  Otherwise,
the projectiles spun out of control, and basically decimated your own
forces.  Before we add new DC's, I think we need to make sure they don't
have a tendency to backfire.


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