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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:59:12 EST
 Eric Slick <eric@...> writes:
>Youth groups don't shy away from dealing with the subject of sexual sin.
 However, >the AM should take into account the maturity of those in
his/her group when tailoring >a lesson of this sort and the AM should be
well versed in how to handle it.  I don't >see why this very important
area of need in youth should be excluded from DRaid.  I >personally like
the way you approached it here, Nathan.  However, I think a >sufficiently
mature player could handle RPing this within certain limits.  I'd think
the >lesson, once learned, would have more power to affect the player
toward an 
>appropriate understanding of sexual relationships and distinguishing
between lust 
>and infatuation with love and devotion.
>With sufficient cautionary advice, this and other controversial subjects
could be >made available to the AM, I think.

I agree.  Our youth group discussed sex, the occult, abortion, and some
other things like that.  It would be nice to have a "DR Advanced Topics
Book" or something available for these topics.


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