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From: elrond@... (Jakup Michaelsen)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:16:12 +0100
I haven't read all of the posts on this subject yet, but I'd like to share
    Some time ago, when I'd seen a couple of modern vampire movies, I
gained an unhealthy interest in them. I wanted to read Anne Rice's books,
and was very drawn to the whole thing. Now, I was a Christian, but it was a
real temptation to think about beeing bitten by a beautyfull female
vampire, and then become one myself. Also the sexual aspect of vampire life
was tempting. I would become very attractive and charming, and would seduce
girls only to drink their blood. And beeing able to fly, was also tempting.
    As you probably see, I wasn't very firy at the time. I pondered if it
would be possible to become a vampire. I heard about people sharpening
their teeth, and drinking blood. I even thought about selling my soul!
    So, don't nobody come say, that there isn't a lesson to be learned
here!! Vampirism is a world-wide religion, with their own bible and
temples. Just look it up in any search engine!
    I hope my honesty hasn't offended anyone, but Satan can and does blind
a great deal of people, and when you're "out there" it is a very tempting
thought to sell your soul.

My the OverLord forever save me from that temptation!