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From: Eric Slick <eric@...>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:30:30 -0600
I'm not only familiar with the negative publicity, I have read all the 
documents myself.  If that's the reason you think adding demons to DRaid 
beyond the Dragons would be controversial, then I still don't understand. 
 That tiny group of pseudo researchers are not going to be impressed by 
such a restriction.  The fact is that only ill-informed, closed minded, 
nutty Christians are going to buy into the argument that RPGs are 
inherently evil.  I'm now under the impression that the negative reaction 
to demons is an oversensitivity caused by other brothers and sisters who 
were and may still remain ignorant of the truth.

However, I agree with your example.  Adding new DCs (including Dragons and 
their kind) without having a valid reason to have them there would be 
inappropriate.  And while I have no vested interest in seeing a greater 
variety of demons in the game I would argue against simply cutting off this 
potentiall rich area for future expansion.  D&D handled demons in a 
flippant and occultic manner.  We don't have to do the same.  We could 
easily handle them appropriately, with taste and in a correct context.

A spirited point,


On Friday, February 13, 1998 2:43 AM, Joe Revesz [SMTP:jrevesz@...] 
> >> >  (David L. Milner) writes:
> >> > <Snip>
> >> > >Incubus and succubus might be more on line,...
> >> > <Snip>
> Joe wrote:
> > > I believe that demons of any kind are Out, need not apply.  For one
> > > thing, the dragons fulfill the role, being demons with bodily form.
> > > There is enough controversy about the undead, let alone demons.
> Eric wrote:
> > Joe,
> > What exactly are you talking about here?  Is it how they are
> > portrayed as a doctrine in various Churches or is there another
> > problem.  I'm not feigning ignorance here.  I really don't see any
> > obvious controversy
> If you are familiar with the negative publicity that DR got some
> years ago, you would understand.  The detractors claimed that players
> were encouraged to assist the dragons, and other obvious stupid
> things were said.  DR was unfairly compared to AD&D in most respects,
> including the use of demons ect.
> So, for this new edition, we want to avoid some of the obvious
> pitfalls while still presenting a quality system.  For some people
> the Undead are a problem.  Others, occult and pop mythical monsters
> (vampire....).  There is no way to please everyone, so we will not
> try to.  But there is a balancing point that we have to find.
> That is why demonic creatures like succubi (sp?) and the like should
> not be included at this time.  The Undead, gargolyes, and all have to
> be debated to see if they are worth putting in.
> Dick's process of Dark Creature inventing should be followed.
> the following is an example.
> First, decide what spiritual truth needs taught. ( Let's pick the
> Evil of Gossip, My wife's idea)  Next, decide what we want to teach
> about it. ( It is not edifying, hurts the one talked about, hurts the
> church body in general....)  Now come up with a creature to personify
> the sin of gossip.  (A burst of inspiration says: Hydra) Next, the
> background story. (The Hydra can be seen talking amongst its heads,
> always with biting comments about the head that is away from the
> rest, whether the head is watching where the body is going, drinking,
> or taking a rest.  Hydras are born with seven heads, and their age
> can be closely guessed, since a head withers and dies every few years
> from the abuse that it receives.  At times, all the heads can get
> into arguements that lead to fights, and most hydras have heads and
> necks covered in scars.  The hydra's heads will not hesitate to unify
> if the body is faced with a foe, but will shortly go back to their
> gossip and arguements.  A one-headed hydra will quickly die if it
> does not have someone to "chat' with.  The Gossip Sin Enchantment is
> passed by the stinger in any of the Hydra's three tails.)  Lastly,
> the game mechanics stuff, BA, PV, WRs, etc.
> Okay, silly example, but you get the idea.
> Joe
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