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From: Jeff Smith <thehold@...>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 15:11:15 -0800 (PST)
At 07:30 PM 2/13/98 -0600, Eric Slick wrote:
>I'm not only familiar with the negative publicity, I have read all the 
>documents myself.  If that's the reason you think adding demons to DRaid 
>beyond the Dragons would be controversial, then I still don't understand. 
> That tiny group of pseudo researchers are not going to be impressed by 
>such a restriction.  The fact is that only ill-informed, closed minded, 
>nutty Christians are going to buy into the argument that RPGs are 
>inherently evil.  I'm now under the impression that the negative reaction 
>to demons is an oversensitivity caused by other brothers and sisters who 
>were and may still remain ignorant of the truth.
>However, I agree with your example.  Adding new DCs (including Dragons and 
>their kind) without having a valid reason to have them there would be 
>inappropriate.  And while I have no vested interest in seeing a greater 
>variety of demons in the game I would argue against simply cutting off this 
>potentiall rich area for future expansion.  D&D handled demons in a 
>flippant and occultic manner.  We don't have to do the same.  We could 
>easily handle them appropriately, with taste and in a correct context.
>A spirited point,

I tned to agree; in fact, I think I said something similar shortly after the
subject of vampyres came up.  We don't need to automatically refuse to
include the occult, but we need to do so carefully.

On the other hand, I'm not sure we need to include a potentially explosive
element when other rich sources abound.  There is a whole realm of
mythological and made-up creatures waiting for us to use; we don't _have_ to
borrow from the occult to meet our discipleship goals.  Notice, if you will,
the sharp negative response this idea of vampyres received from people very
favorable to DragonRaid.  I consider the risk too great to get into unless
and until no other evil being will fit the Sin Enchantment we're trying to

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