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From: "jackray" <jackray@...>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 05:26:47 -0500
Hi Eugene
Well, did you finally get a game of your own??  Have you found anybody to
play it with?
Welcome to the group

Jack  (Ohio)

> From: Eugene Miller <ermsteph@...>
> To: dragonraid@...
> Subject: Re: [DragonRaid] PBEM
> Date: Thursday, February 12, 1998 8:34 PM
> > Feel free to jump in with conversation (right now the main theme seems
to be
> > new DC's, ect).  How long have you played DragonRaid?
> 	I've been playing DragonRaid since I was about ... well 3rd or 4th
> grade, I would guess since 1984.  I was going to a private school, and
> one of my classmates played D&D.  Although, I only played it once, and
> that was years later.  I asked my parents if I could get the game, and
> well to make a long story short, they said no.  I saw somebody on CBN
> (now Family Channel) talk about this game I think it was on the 700
> Club.  After that I went to a Christian Bookstore, and saw it.
> 	I must have been one of the most annoying kids on the mailing list.  I
> always was writing, and asking for them to send me the newest catalog,
> to send it to my friends, and etc.  Well I never really found anybody
> who would play it with me.  Maybe a handful of times.  Funny thing is
> ... when I saw my first http:// address was in a DragonRaid letter. 
> Then letter informed me that they would no longer be sending me letters
> in the mail, and that I would have to get on their web site if I wanted
> further support.
> 	I havn't had access to a computer for years, at least not one that
> could get me on the net.  So after several years of absence I feel like
> I have been reunited with an old friend.  Thank you for letting me go
> off.
> 	Eugene R. Miller
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