[dragonraid] Re: Vampires...and now, demons...

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From: Andrew Bartmess <abartmes@...>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 21:42:39 -0500
Eric Slick wrote:
> I think I'm belaboring the point now, so I'll shut up on the subject after
> this one.
> How would you deal with an adventure dealing with the occult as its main
> lesson?  Would it be appropriate to use occultic material then or would it
> be too objectionable to even consider such an adventure.  If not, why would
> using DCs associated with the occult by pop culture be inappropriate (it
> can be argued all non-christian myths of creatures, ancient or not, are
> occultic)?  If they are clearly part of the expression of that evil and
> what is needed to be overcome in order to defeat that evil, I don't see how
> that could be considered objectionable, except by those who would find
> everything else about DragonRaid objectionable.

   I think that an adventure that touched on "forture boards" (the AMA
term for Ouije boards) would be an excellent idea.  These things should
be shown as direct connections to the Dragons, and should display all
mannor of lies about the Overlord.  (Per the "nice and happy
non-Christian afterlife" that senances and the Boards seem to portray.)  
   Let's not be afraid to actually SAY something with this game.