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From: papabeardm@... (David L. Milner)
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 22:49:16 -0700
	Not really my cup of tea, but with the tongue placed just right
in the cheek, I suppose it is amusing, in a current events kind of way. 
So, did we come to any conclusions on the
vampire/siren/nymph/satyr/incubus/succubus/hydra controversy, or does
avaialble evidence tend to indicate that it would not be unreasonable to 
assume that no decision will be made at this time and the committee will,
after experiencing a frank exchange of views, take all evidence and
comments under advisement until a thorough and proper investigation of
the phenomenon can be conducted?  Man, I could have worked for the
government!  That's so obscure, even _I_ don't know what I said.  

	Have a good one, guys.

In the OLMN's Name,
Dariel the Aged 
aka Dave Milner

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