[dragonraid] Re: Vampires...and now, demons...

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From: Eric Slick <eric@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 13:39:16 -0600
This is the DragonRaid list; your opinion is not butting into other 
people's arguments.  This is as much your business as anyone elses.  If you 
choose to post a comment, you can bet I'll welcome it, read it and consider 
your words.

Perhaps I'm a bit thicker skinned than most but I don't view this 
discussion as an argument.  I have assumed that we all lay out our points 
and opinions and then the committee has the responsibility to apply those 
as they see fit.  This topic generated more interest for me and so I've 
posted alot...maybe too much.  Discussion, even ones that seem filled with 
passion, are appropriate in my opinion so long as no one attacks someone 

But if you have something to say, say it.  I may disagree with you but you 
can be certain I'll welcome your response as a brother in Christ.  All I 
ask is that you take what I have to say the same way.

Eric, the "no offense intended opinionated guy"

On Wednesday, February 18, 1998 1:47 AM, Eugene Miller [SMTP:ermsteph@si  
sna.com] wrote:
> 	Eugene R. Miller
> 	P.S. Wisdom tells me not to get involved with other people's argments
> should I even send this message?  Well you are reading it so I must
> have.  I have said what I had to say, and that is it.  Go ahead and
> reply all you want I am not going to answer back.  This is my opinion,
> and this is where it's staying.  If you would like to post your opinion
> go right ahead.  I've done this all before.  I leave you with this: 1.
> Love God with all your heart.  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.  Don't
> expect a baby to be a star quarter back NOW when it's 1 year old.
> --