[dragonraid] Indie Adventures

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From: James Halfast <jhalfast@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 07:57:15 -0700
A few days ago, people were wanting to know about independant adventures
others had made. I don't have any, but the thought occured to me... If you
don't have an "official" adventure to go through, you could whip up a
quickie by saying the LR team is going on a Search and Destroy mission
(well, that's not the right words, but it conveys the meaning!) where they
try to rescue as many Once Born as they can. Some system of random DC
encounter could be set up, etc. It might not be based on a special lesson,
like the official adventures are, but it does work on our most important
mission - to spread the word of Jesus Christ.