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From: "Matthew K. Crandall" <Matman@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:55:03 -0500
David Staley wrote:

> Eugene,
>  >I'm thinking Dragon Raid MUD right about now ..... I wonder how many
>  >people would be interested in something like that.  Of course that
>  >would be alot of work.  I wonder if the reward would be worth it?
>  I think it would be cool.  All the programming is way over my head, and
>  beyond the time I have, but I know when it has been brought up before I
>  thought it would be really cool!!!
>  It sounds like you have a knack for the technical!  There are a couple
>  others on here that do too!  I wonder what could be accomplished if you
>  all teamed up?!?  Perhaps a new committee for the AFC? ;)
>  David Staley

   This has been suggested before and if yuo can get it up and running, more power to
you.  But the problem I see with a DragonRaid Mud is that so many muds are based on
combat and we know that is not what we are trying to teach with DR.  Now don't get me
wrong... I am an avid MUDer myself, but because so much of DR is based around
*teaching* and that teaching comes though discussion and RP I think it will be an
extra challenge to create a MUD that still has these elements.  Remember, the number
one question should always be, what is this *teaching*, otherwise we're just another
RP System.  If you can do it and keep the teaching - AWESOME!

        -Wishing you luck but with no ideas of his own at the moment,
        -Matt Crandall-