[dragonraid] Re: Vampires...and now, demons...

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From: ArthurV1@...
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 19:21:09 EST
I've been reading some of the vampire/demon posts and I noticed that many of
the posts have said that the dragons have taken the place of demons in the
world of EdenAgain. This isn't totally true, because in the first part of the
MoonBridge Raid, the Raid Team enters a house and finds a book labelled, "How
to Summon a Demon from the Dark Spirit World." Then some pieces of furniture
start moving by themselves. If the 'Raiders don't run out, they can drive the
demons using the "Get Lost WordRune." So demons can exist with a dragon body
and maybe they can use that fact to decieve the OnceBorn into believing in
past lives or something similar.

Leaving that topic, the idea for Online DR is cool. But how could a person do
a WordRune, or a TeamRune for that matter?