[dragonraid] Re: Vampires...and now, demons...

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From: Andrew Bartmess <abartmes@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 22:22:03 -0500
ArthurV1@... wrote:
> I've been reading some of the vampire/demon posts and I noticed that many of
> the posts have said that the dragons have taken the place of demons in the
> world of EdenAgain. This isn't totally true, because in the first part of the
> MoonBridge Raid, the Raid Team enters a house and finds a book labelled, "How
> to Summon a Demon from the Dark Spirit World." 

In the rough version of the DR2 Creature Catalog, I've created a class
of creatures called "Abominations", which are the monsters that are set
in motion by DragonPower (as the skelatons are in the DR1 set.)  Perhaps
within a DR2 context, "demons" are the *projection* of force from a
sleeping Dragon.  (I hadn't wanted to introduce demons per se into the
game for fear of brewing unneeded controversy, but if they are in the
game already, maybe this is a convenient way to classify them.)