[dragonraid] Adventure Writing Guidelines

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From: "Joe Revesz" <jrevesz@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 09:19:43 +0500
Eric asked if there were guidelines for new adventure writing.  At 
the moment, there are a couple of FAQs floating around, but not 
formal guidelines.  I would be hesitant to take on the task at the 
moment, with Rules, Art, and my own adventure, I am a little too 
busy.  But, I could start the project and pass it on to someone to 
finish.  Jill is in charge of the Adventure Committee, so maybe we 
can get her to "volunteer".

This set of guidelines is needed, and the committee heads have talked 
about it before.  New adventures may be published before the DR2ED, 
so it may be time to get this done.  Even if the Second Edition were 
never published, these guidelines are needed for continuing past 

If those of you who have written your own adventures could set down 
the steps and some of the considerations you used, it would be a big 

You can sent them to me at joerevesz@... (home)  or 
jrevesz@... (work).  In a couple of weeks we could have a 
rough idea for you.