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From: Eric Slick <eric@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:19:24 -0600
If used, I don't think demons would be appropriate as DCs but should either 
just be classified as demons (would need some information on what that 
means in DR) or as something else (powers, principalities, princes of the 
air, etc.).  The classification would, I think, need to express them in a 
way that fits the DRaid world view just as DCs as a class represent the 
various sins we encounter.


On Thursday, February 19, 1998 10:27 PM, Joe Revesz 
[SMTP:jrevesz@...] wrote:
> Arthur Wrote:
> > I've been reading some of the vampire/demon posts and I noticed that 
many of
> > the posts have said that the dragons have taken the place of demons in 
> > world of EdenAgain. This isn't totally true, because in the first part 
of the
> > MoonBridge Raid, the Raid Team enters a house and finds a book 
labelled, "How
> > to Summon a Demon from the Dark Spirit World." Then some pieces of 
> > start moving by themselves. If the 'Raiders don't run out, they can 
drive the
> > demons using the "Get Lost WordRune." So demons can exist with a dragon 
> > and maybe they can use that fact to decieve the OnceBorn into believing 
> > past lives or something similar.
> If you look at those posts again, you should see that we were talking
> about demons as Dark Creatures.  An occasional appearence as in MBRI
> is one thing, but making a demon a recurring DC is another.
> Joe
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