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From: "Jill Oviatt" <jillo@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:39:12 -0900
Yes indeed--my hand is raised high, and I am passing around little cards
with my email address on them.
Good suggestions Joe--all you adventure-writers (that includes me) out
there, tell Joe and me what steps, if any, you took in your creations.  Be
sure to send a copy to both Joe and me.  My address is

Off to look at a yellow lab now.................


> From: Joe Revesz <jrevesz@...>
> To: dragonraid@...
> Subject: Adventure Writing Guidelines
> Date: Thursday, February 19, 1998 7:19 PM
> Eric asked if there were guidelines for new adventure writing.  At 
> the moment, there are a couple of FAQs floating around, but not 
> formal guidelines.  I would be hesitant to take on the task at the 
> moment, with Rules, Art, and my own adventure, I am a little too 
> busy.  But, I could start the project and pass it on to someone to 
> finish.  Jill is in charge of the Adventure Committee, so maybe we 
> can get her to "volunteer".
> This set of guidelines is needed, and the committee heads have talked 
> about it before.  New adventures may be published before the DR2ED, 
> so it may be time to get this done.  Even if the Second Edition were 
> never published, these guidelines are needed for continuing past 
> If those of you who have written your own adventures could set down 
> the steps and some of the considerations you used, it would be a big 
> help.
> You can sent them to me at joerevesz@... (home)  or 
> jrevesz@... (work).  In a couple of weeks we could have a 
> rough idea for you.
> Joe