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From: Aaron Siddall <asiddall@...>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 10:38:06 -0600
  In 1119 A.D.(after Saracens slaughtered some 300 pilgrims who were on the
road to Jerusalem) a group of nine warrior monks calling themselves The
Military Order of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon,(or the Knights
Templar), swore to protect pilgrims journeying to the Holy Land. 
   Eventually word of these mens deeds spread and their numbers grew
cosiderably. By the year 1130 membership numbered over 300 Knights, and
this growth continued. Later papal bulls granted Templars the ability to
build their own chapels free from diocesan control, the permision to bury
their own dead, and allowed them to keep booty taken from the enemy. 
  The Templars were regarded as brave and valient warriors. They were the
first to fight the enemy and the last to retreat. The Enemy were Saracens,
Muslims, anyone who threatened the Christian territories, citizens, or
pilgrims of the Holy Land.Their own RULE forbade retreat, even if
outnumbered three to one, This resistance against insurmountable odds is
one of the reasons that they were so successful.
   The Knights Templar were more than warrior monks, they soon became
bankers as well. Travelers could deposit funds in one treasury, recieve
letters of credit, and redeem these chits at any other Templar house. In
time the Knights also became money-lenders, and their clients became more
than pilgrims; kings and nobles drew upon these services. 
  Here we have a historical example of a group of Christian warriors, who
while doing their sworn duty eventually accumulated great wealth and
attempted to do good with it. I don't see why LightRaiders couldnt form a
Born-Again version of the Knights. In fact I think it adds a level of
believability if the characters are able to attempt good works of this
kind, It could DEFINATELY be good story material.

>I hope in the new rules PC's will be allowed to acquire wealth to use for
>building objects such as churches, orphanages, etc.  Being able to build a
>fortress, a sanctuary of light, in the dragon lands is something I have
>greatly desired, but unfortunately the rules do not lend themselves for
>such activities.
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