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From: Bruce Wilkins <bwilki@...>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 08:21:44 -0800
I  fail to see what the problem is with the Castle, it is a large building and
needs to be large for the purpose of what it accomplishes. Making it look like
a castle could be just a design to make it look nice. I would think that when
it was built, that the builders wanted to take pride in their work and make
some thing very beautiful. If you were building a large building for
furthering the cause of the Overlord, wouldn't you want to make something
grand and wonderful? What is more grand and wonderful then a castle?
    I would feel that I did not give him my all if I just threw up four walls
a floor and a roof. Why does a castle have to be built just for functional
    Jesus said "In my father's house, there are many mansions.", and he was
going before us to prepare a place for us, I hope that the place he has for me
looks like a castle, and there is definitely no need for security in heaven,

Matthew Sims wrote:

> While the "castles in the Liberated Lands" debate was going on, I came
> up with an idea just to kick around with the DR group.
> First of all, I think there should be castles in the Liberated Lands
> just because I'm into medieval history.  But I was wondering why not
> have a history of the Liberated Lands before the mountain barrier was
> created?  Basically, create an "Old Testament" for DragonRaid.  God
> chose the Isrealites as his people, freed them from Egypt, etc., why not
> do the same for the Liberated Lands?  I think it's important for
> LightRaiders to know about what the LL was like before the barrier
> (passing on traditions, the early sages/prophets, etc.)  This would also
> give a depth to the various orders (WolfSoldier, et al.) as well as give
> some fantasy stories set in DragonRaid as well.
> What do you think?
> - Matt
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