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From: Mjs68508@...
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 15:30:42 EST
I think I'll add my $.02 to this question. My bias is toward once saved, 
always saved.

As more than one person pointed out, this is one of those questions where 
both sides can be thought of as true. God's ways are simply higher than our 
ways and there are some things we won't figure out with our limited 

So, I'l add a couple of more points to chew on.

If you are saved, God gets the credit. If you are not saved, you get the 
blame <grin>.

I once tried to "lose" my salvation. I became very bitter towards God. I 
dropped out of Seminary and told God I would rather go to Hell than be 
anywhere near him. I would go to bed at night with a knife under my pillow 
and pray for Jesus to come to me at night so that I could personally slice 
Him apart. After 8 years, I got tired of hating God and recommitted my life 
to Jesus. 

   I don't believe I was ever in danger of going to hell during that period. 
Jesus said he would never lose those that the father gave him. And, he said 
that he would never leave nor forsake us. I don't think we have the capacity 
to fight Satan without God's help. Satan is too strong, sneaky, and smart. 
Unless God protects them, Satan can seduce anyone. 

   Actually, I think one can make a case that our fate is sealed before we 
are ever born. Psalm 24:10-12 points out that are days were formed before we 
were ever born. 

   I believe like the Calvinists, "I would go to hell for the glory of God." 
Or, as Job sais, "Though he slay me, yet will I serve him."

   Another tidbit to chew on: In the third book of his space trilogy, C. S. 
Lewis makes a strong arguement that you can lose your salvation. <grin>