[dragonraid] Mist Barrier and Light Houses

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From: "Joe Revesz" <jrevesz@...>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 17:23:28 +0500
I would like to propose something a bit simpler than a string of 
lighthouses through the Mist Barrier, and more akin to the 

A ship full of LightRaiders may sail along the Barrier 
until an obvious gateway is seen in the mist..  They can then enter, 
and be transported to the other side to whatever point the OLMN 
wishes.  So, if the ship enters the Barrier on the eastern side near 
Mandel Bay, the ship could exit the Barrier near the Heineous Heights 
on the western side of the Liberated Land.  It would work in reverse 
from the other side.

If a ship of OnceBorn and/or Dark Creatures enters the Mist Barrier, 
at will of the OverLord, the ship will be turned around and may exit 
at the same point, some other point on the same side, or not at 
all.  The ship may be turned around and exit the Barrier minus 
certain beings, or missing the entire crew.

Any dragons entering the Mist Barrier will quickly die. (Unless they 
are hermetically sealed in a special cargo hold of Dwarvish design in 
a very large ship,  which would be burnt and sunk shortly after 
leaving the harbor.  No fair stealing my adventure idea.)

All this necessitates the Sailing/Boating skills we talked about 
months ago.  And ship building.  And the need to place the other two 
continents and numerous interesting islands on the map of EdenAgain.