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From: ArthurV1@...
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 17:11:05 EST
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<< On the subject of eternal security I tend to take a somewhat more middle 
ground view.  I do not like the phrase "lose your salvation"  I prefer to say 
that a person who has back slidden has "rejected" their salvation.  It is not 
something you accidently do but a conscious choice the person makes to throw 
God's gift back in his face.
 Christ died once to save and that gift is irrevocable.  Christ will never 
remove his salvation from us but we can remove ourselves.  It is notChrist 
that leaves us but we who leave Him. >>

I agree with that but here's my question:  What would be the destiny of any 
who do reject their salvation?  Will they go to heaven if they die still 
rejecting salvation (although suffer loss of reward) or will they have put 
themselves in the same position as an unbeliever (one who has rejected 
Christ) and go to hell?


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