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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 20:42:25 EST
These are from Andy, tell me what you think.

No. Appearing:      1-2
Size:               6' to 7'
Battle Ability:     14
Vitality:           50
Enchantment:        Eternal Ego
 Strength Attacked: LO
 Strength Damaged:  LO
 Passed by:         Bite
Physical Attacks:   Two d8+5 Bash, d8 Bite
Special Attack:     Charm (Mindspeech)
SE Check:		  3
Connection Chance:  70%

     What can be said about these extremely powerful denizens of the
darkness that is not already used to frighten erring children by their
OnceBorn parents?
     The Dragons promise power to their most ardent followers (see
Cryptic Alliance.)  "Dance to our tune, and we will give you all you
want and more."  Here then, is their retirement plan.  After the foolish
followers die and are cast into the Flames of Chaos ("Oh, didn't we
mention that?  Sorry!") the husk of that DragonSlave is animated through
DragonPower and sent into the eternal night as a vampire.  Like all
their creations, the vampire is a walking lie, for it blasphemes the
OverLord's destruction of Death.  It conforms to the classic human image
of a vampire, and exists only to frighten Men and drive them to
despair.  It is also a two-way communications unit for the Dragon
controlling it.  (Note that this means that the bloodsucker's boss might
now know that the Raiders are out there, and it may now target them as
troublemakers.)  Take it down, and NOW!
     This very powerful Abomination is very fragile in some ways.  It
cannot stand the light of day, for like all of the Red Dragon's lies, it
will not survive in the Light of the OverLord's day.  Above ground, it
will rest during the daytime in a light-tight box, greatly resembling a
coffin, and if exposed to direct sunlight, it will crumble to ash. 
Below ground it is almost always active, found "in storage" in its box
only 10% of the time.  If awake, it is actively connected with its
dragon master 70% of the time, and almost pegging the meter at a DL 3 SE
     This Abomination may make two arm attacks every round, possibly on
two different targets.  If both attacks are made at a single target, and
both do damage, the Vampire gets an automatic d8 bite attack.  The
creature's saliva then passes the Eternal Ego Enchantment, which attacks
Love and does damage to the same.  This curious enchantment has two main
	1)  If the vampire is slain in this melee, the Eternal Ego
passes full strength to the victim, and causes that sad soul to slowly
become the same kind of selfish megliomaniac that the Vampire was while
alive.  The live victim will begin to view him/herself as the only one
who REALLY should be in command, the wisest, the strongest, the most
powerful person there is.  The victim will fight any attempt to dispel
this enchantment, fleeing all WordRunes that might remove the magic. 
Although not "undead", the live victim will begin showing surface signs
of the classic vampire myth:  staying inside in the daytime, shunning
mirrors, that kind of thing.  This poor enchanted soul will run the risk
of being wrongly killed as a vampire by the locals if the disease
progresses too far without healing.  
	2)  If the original vampire survives the encounter, the victim
become highly suseptable to the creature's control.  When responding to
instructions from the vampire (and by extntion, the Dragon that spawned
it) the infected victim will have a Self Control and a Wisdom of 1, and
will generally be a tool to whatever commands the vampire offers.  This
living in thrall to the dragons will be rough on the gamer running the
character, and even rougher on the party adventuring with him.  The
character is a mole, a "Manchurian Candidate" who will work tirelessly
for the Dragons.  
	Because of the sheer terror of this creature, the AM may require 
a Courage check at DL6 or other level to stand and fight against this
Abomination.  Allow a +1 bonus per non-charmed member of the party to
the individual's Courage rating for this roll, and if the roll fails,
the PC beats a terrified retreat into the night.  Understandably, the
best way to fight these horrible lies is with WordRune, faith, and
weapons (in that order!)
     Once during the encounter the vampire may attempt to charm one or
more of the party.  He will use a special MindSpeech attack on the
entire party, presenting some some horrible lie at DL 6.  It may be an
offer of power (attack on SC, damage to CO, SF to save MU damage.)  He
may try to charm the PC's into believing that the OverLord is a sham
(attack on FA, damage to FA, BT to save MU damage.)  Or the Vampire may
even demand that even the OverLord cannot save them now (attack on HO,
damage to PE, SF to save damage.)  You get the idea. This Charm exactly
matches the Dragon ability of MindSpeech...the player may repel the
attack with Scripture-based arguments, which if successful will do two
times BT to the creatures PV points.  Note that if the Dragon running
the show is "online" at the time of the rebuke, Mr. Dark-and-Scaly takes
matching damage, and boy, is HE going to be gunning for the party at a
later date.  As with Dragon MindSpeech, a Raider with WIS of 8 or better
may rebuke twice if he can recall two rebukes.
     The considerate AM may choose to allow the MindSpeech attack to go
off at a DL d8 rather than the standard DL6 mentioned above.  (A DL 1
Charm might be:  "Woo!  Look at Me!  Boy, am I powerful!  Better fall to
your knees and kiss my feet!"  If you cannot think of a Biblical rebuke
for that, maybe you should go back to classes at LightRaider Academy for
a refresher course!)
     Those who fail the attack and cannot successfully rebuke the
Vampire's argument are considered to be charmed and in the power of the
vampire.  (AM's may choose to run this as if the character had a SC of
1.)  The vampire cannot compel these charmed ones to slay their fellows,
but they will willingly hand-fight with fists and try to restrain the
free ones.  PC's may attempt to break the enchantment in the following
round with Rescue (DM roll a bunch of dice and arbitrarily decide if
this works.)  OnceBorn charmed in this fashion by some pretty lie will
willingly allow the creature to do a d8 bite on their throat, with
possible enchantment infection.  
	Per myth, the Vampire does need blood to keep the Abomination
running.   (From a strictly engineering point of view, the Vampire is a
very bad design.)  After the initial bite, it may choose to continue to 
suck 2 PV of blood per round until a victim is dead.  Most often,
however, the Dragon pulling the vampire's strings would much rather
leave the victim as a live Enchantment carrier than a dead fuel source. 
More havoc is created by sending out controlled almost-vampires than
having to make a corpse into another Abomination. 
     A mirror will hold a true vampire at bay, as it reminds the
creature that it is only a pawn and a lie, forcing the Vampire to use
its Charm attack.  A simple wooden cross or a Starlot will likewise
repel it, and will also do d10 if pressed to the creatures flesh.  (Roll
the attacking character's AG + d10 vs. the Vampire's BA14 + d8 Roll.) 
Only Blessed or Holy weapons will hit a Vampire.  If reduced to 10 PV or
less, the vampire will polymorph into a bat to escape, and may be killed
with Blessed or Holy missile-weapons while in this form.
     A true vampire regenerates 3 PV a round, making it VERY hard to
sucessfully destory.  After WordRune attack, the next most deadly way to
stamp out these Abominations it by serving it a stake; a wooden stake
driven through the heart will damage the delicate mechanisms that drive
the dark lie and blast it to dust and decay.  This requires a stab with
a sharp stake via a Hand-to-Hand attack vs. BA 14 (doing d10 +3 upon
hit) and two successful AG checks vs. DL6  to drive the stake home. 
Also acceptable is a successful wooden crossbow bolt hit, rolled with a
natural 10 on a d10.  Either of these two "stake" attacks will instantly
kill the creature. The creature is, of course, an abomination; it will
flake away to ash upon being killed, and blow away like the Dragon's
     If a person is successfully bitten, there is a 2 PV of blood loss
per round until direct pressure or Heal is applied.  A Renewer may close
the wound with a standard Heal Rune, and the victim must have further
Heals or rest until brought up to full PV.
     If a OnceBorn is successfully rescued, there will be trouble trying
to return him/her to their loved ones, who will view the person as a
potential vampire.  No one bit by a vampire really becomes a vampire,
but the Dragons may seek to animate a OnceBorn's corpse to perpetuate
the lie of the vampire.  TwiceBorn are protected from this Dragon curse;
the Overlord's Grace prevents their dead bodies from being affected by
     One word of caution to all LightRaiders...be sure what you are
fighting is a true Vampire!  We should not hesitate to destroy
Abominations that spread lies about the Overlord; Vampires must be
destroyed.  But unless you have real proof that you are fighting a full
Vampire, you may just have a live, confused, and infected OnceBorn that
is under a Vampire's control.  Pasty white makeup and blood-red lipstick
don't guarantee you are fighting an Abomination...and we dare not kill a
misguided OnceBorn!  Think before you stake.  What can a true Vampire do
that a confused mortal cannot?

Zombie (Abomination)
No. Appearing:      d8
Size:               6'
Battle Ability:     5
Vitality:           15
Enchantment:        Recklessness
 Strength Attacked: PA
 Strength Damaged:  PA
Passed by:          1st Sight
Physical Attacks:   1 d8 Rake
SE Check:		  DL 5
Connection Chance:  15%
     These are the decaying bodies of dead DragonSlaves, hideously
animated by the evil Dragons!  They will usually be dressed in rotting
clothes and torn funeral garments.  Like all Abominations, they are not
alive�just walking lies animated by the corrupt power of some Dragon,
but they can still strike fear into the hearts of the OnceBorn.  Worst
of all, the Dragons use their very existence to mock the OverLord's
triumph over death!  Destroy them at every turn!
     Zombies follow a limited "program" of commands, given to them by
their scaly masters. ("Protect this place!  Don't let anyone pass
through this room!")  They will try and follow out this program as best
they can.  
     Life matters very little to a Zombie really!  In fact, the first
sight of these terribly ugly creatures passes the Recklessness
Enchantment, with an attack on Patience, and MU damage accruing to that
same skill.  Anyone affected by this subtle though dangerous enchantment
will begin to take crazy and foolish chances with the Overlord's gift of
life and health.  Jump that obviously DL10 chasm?  I'm first in line! 
Spit in that Eldermost Dragon's eye?  That's ME, pal!  The Raider so
enchanted will be expected to roll-play such foolishness, acting
generally jumpy and edgy, and you had better hope the rest of the party
notices!  (This enchantment often strikes Real World teenagers, who can
come to believe that nothing can harm them.)  In addition to the
role-playing effects, the Reckless player will suffer a temporary -4
point penalty to Wisdom, Quiet Movement and Blend with Surroundings. 
This MAY mean that the scores for these abilities drop to zero or below,
indicating an AUTOMATIC failure of such a check.  Also, the enchanted
character gains a PLUS 4 temporary Reckless bonus to their Courage
rating; this is really a sort of "reverse penalty" because it will place
the character in dangerous situations.
     Zombies may also attack with their pointed, dirty nails, doing a
nasty d8 of damage if they hit.  Their crumbling bodies are weak,
though, and while they do more damage and fight better than skeletons,
they can be destroyed more easily.
     Zombies always strike last due to their decaying state.  This means
that a zombie who is destroyed by a LightRaider's attack cannot strike
back (as would be the case in "standard" simultaneous combat.)
     Fifteen percent of the time, a zombie may be linked to the Dragon
that spawned it.  Since the dear departed has all five senses available,
the Dragon may gather all types of information from its footsoldier, but
recall that due to the decomposition of the zombie, the AM may need to
make a judgement call as to how good the data is that that it receives!

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