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From: "Rich Sezov" <sezov@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 10:53:30 -0500
[Moderator Hat On]

Glen Stewart, the administrator of associate.com, has asked me to 
forward to you the following message. As you know, associate.com 
hosts this mailing list. I'd also encourage you to check out the new 
http://associate.com web page, as it's been completely updated with a 
news-posting system. 

[Moderator Hat Off--message from Glen follows]

Hello fellow Christian co-worker,

This message is originating from Associate.com, which is the Christian
Internet site hosting web pages and over 70 Christian mailing lists and
ministries like the one this message is being sent through.

This note has three goals:

1. Communicate an offer to freely host Christian ministries at Associate.com 
2. Request testimonies for use in outreach on our web pages 
3. Seek e-mailing list leaders for new Christian mailing lists

An offer to host Christian ministries
Have you considered reaching out to share the Gospel Message with over 70
million people on the Internet?

If your effort is truly an outreach to the unsaved, we would like to
subsidize your ministry by covering certain costs of participation on the
Internet, using the "associate.com" site that's been operating for the
past four years. Currently, ministry is provided using HTML, text,
Christian Files, Mailing Lists, and promotion of Christian products with
extremely high emphasis on outreach. Other technologies/techniques can be
readily implemented.

The site is capable of presenting information using several multimedia
tools (stereo-quality sound, high-resolution graphics, and textual
materials) to all computer users on the Internet. However, it takes
talented, Spirit-led people, touching other people's lives to really make
this type of ministry effective.

If what I've mentioned so far intrigues you and others you know, you may
wish to discuss it among yourselves and begin to gather some facts. I
would enjoy discussing ideas with you and answering questions about
technology and ministry techniques I am already familiar with. Contact
glen_stewart@... to pursue this offer.

Your testimony for use in outreach
One of the most exciting and interesting ways to share Jesus is to give a
personal testimony. Your testimony is the basis of your witness. It is
your story, your firsthand account of what God through Christ has done in
your life.

Your testimony has authority. Many questions about the Bible you may not
be able to answer, but you are the authority on your testimony.  We would
like to encourage you to write up your testimony following the simple
guide at http://associate.com/texts/About_Your_Testimony.html

Once it is written, it can be placed online in our randomly revolving
queue of testimonies seen on our main web site at http://associate.com
Please send your testimony to glen_stewart@... once it is
completed, and some standard HTML touch-up will be done prior to placing
ubject: Christian Ministries at Associate.com.  Also, if you have a photo
from before and after your salvation change and could scan it in, we have
a unique witness effort using them.


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Rich Sezov
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