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From: Nathan and Romney Ashton <iart@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 10:27:19 -0600
Greetings again my friends.

What about an adventure along the lines of Talismens? Perhaps envolving
Selfoes (or do we need another DC)?

This is my thinking and experience.

I played an extended campaign (three or four adventures beyond
MoonBridge) under an AM which was born again through DragonRaid's
Fantastic Invitation (and the stoch prayer to boot!). He was a D&D
fanatic before his conversion and then dropped that game completely. 


As time went on, we kept discovering "Talismens of the OverLord." They
were in the shapes of crosses, items the OverLord touched or wore while
on EadenAgain, and *StarLots*. Each had a cool power and were fun to
have and use.


As time went on, we began to rely on these Talismens instead of digging
into the Word. They became our source.


Like all DC's, I think that talismens or magic items should be
incorporated only "on purpose."

The Danger to this kind of thing can be seen in the real world.

1) How many ministers have fallen because they looked to their Gift as
their source and lost their relationship with the Giver? (Mat 7:21-23)

2) How many "christians" believe in relics and statues of saints? How
many wold flock to the Ark if it were found? The Red Heffer? The Grail?
There is a very real, and very deadly deception here!

I know we have touched this issue before, but it warrents reminders.

Some Crunch 'n Munch for the mind.