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From: Joe K Revesz <joerevesz@...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:19:53 -0500
Paul Turner writes:

>Hello everyone,

>This Paul, previously known as Bolan6 and I signed up on the list 
>because I wasn't getting very much mail LOL. Just kidding. I was just
>wondering how DR is doing. I have not led a group in a while because 
>of a
>lack of time basically. Well, I hope the updating and new look of DR 
>well.   I really think the idea of light houses are cool. That could 
>be an
>adventure of it's own Dragon Assault at Light House Point. Sound 

We are keeping at it.  There is a lot more text to edit and art to craft,
but things are moving along.  I have no idea when we will get done.

>Anyway, has anyone seen a diminsh in RPGers? I don't meet alot of 
>anymore that do. The CCG  industry has taken over. I know that you do 
>need previous experince to play DR but I also like to involve kids who 

Our group does both, but I have noticed that there are a lot of ( too
many ) card games , and not enough RPGs at game conventions.  Face it, in
this fast -food mentality country, a card game is "easier" than putting
effort into an enjoyable RPG.  Maybe card game popularity will dip
sometime later, but it probably will be part of the gaming sceen forever.

>previous gaming experince.  Oh, is DR gonna be at the Youth 
>Convention in Cincinatti this year? I know David Eastering usually
>represents DR somwhat at events he goes to but I do not know if he is 
>ot be there this year. Anyway , was just wondering. God Bless.

It does not look like it, since we had short notice, and we do not have
the funds designated.

If any of you know of a show or convention where DragonRaid may be a good
fit, send the information to Mike Watson our Marketing Guy.  We can not
attend them all, but we may be able to get representation to some of
them.  Several months warning would be good.