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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 09:08:30 -0800 (PST)
Unless you get in on some kind of free space deal at
Gen Con, I wouldn't waste my money there.  Please
don't take this the wrong way, I love Dragonraid, but
I used to go to Gen Con every year until I got
convicted of all the satanic stuff and nasty new games
coming out.  I honestly don't think Dragonraid would
even be sniffed at by most of those attending Gen Con.
 First because it is christian and has nothing to
offer the secular mind set on horror and bloodshed and
greed and secondly because it is so limited in the
number of existing adventures and realistice artwork
and detailed gaming system and dark images etc...that
those who attend such conferences are looking for. 
Again, please don't misunderstand me, I love DR!  But
I'm a christian who loves the light, not a worldly
rpg'er looking for the latest greatest detailed gaming
thrill where I can express my darkest fantasies.  I
just don't see it being worth all that money.  I see
it as someone walking into a bar to preach against
drinking.  On the other hand, if even one person is
pulled aside and ministered to, what is the value of
one soul?  At any rate, 750 dollars might go further
somewhere else.  Just a though.  If you do make an
appearance at Gen Con, though, I would like to know so
that I can support you in whatever way I can and make
it as cost effective for you as possible.  I live near


--- Joe Revesz <joe.revesz@...> wrote:
> Scott wrote:
> > Have you ever sent anyone to Gencon?  I'm not sure
> any secular convention is
> > really a "good fit" but allot of different people
> go there.  I live in
> > Milwaukee and  go every year.  I would be willing
> to host a few games and/or
> > work with others tword this end.  Maybe a
> Christian Gaming Booth with DR,
> > Redemption and anyone else we could pull in?
> We have not had a presence at Gencon yet.
> The one problem with the big conventions like Gencon
> and Origins is 
> cost.  I believe that the going rate for one 8'
> table is $750.
> Rob Anderson shared a some table space with us at
> Origins '98, and 
> we helped with Redemption and Church Mouse demos ;-)
>  He might 
> be at Gencon next year, so we may be able to tag
> along then.
> We did not have much success at Origins, but a
> Christian music event 
> like Alive '99 near Akron, Ohio was very good.  One
> of the contacts we 
> made there is now in our DR group, and a bookstore
> owner nearby is 
> carrying DR.
> It may be slow progress, but we are moving forward.
> Joe
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