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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 12:00:27 -0800 (PST)
 We would likely be ridiculed by
> many and some 
> would be openly antagonistic.  
> I have run into the same kind of stuff, though it is
> mostly people who 
> don't take the time to try to understand.  They
> usually take a quick look 
> and condemn.

That's exactly why I'm skeptical, because most Gen Con
attenders are only browsing and with all the other
high tech flashy stuff, I don't think they will give
DR a second glance, especially if they get a sense
that it's christian.

> > I'm not saying that its a good idea to spend your
> limited resources 
> on this event.  I do think there are people to be
> reached and a 
> combined presence of card games, DR and other events
> might reach 
> some of these people.  If this isn't the right way
> to support DR ok, but I 
> am available to help if you are interested.  

With all I've said concerning this not being the best
way to use resources, I offer my services as well if
you guys should go with the idea.  We will just have
to really bathe it in prayer and count the cost of the
stand for Christ in a pagan environment.  It might
even be kind of fun!

> Do you have room for a person or two to sleep on the
> floor or a couch? 
>  I will need a vacation about then ;-)

I live in Kenosha, which is about 45 minutes south of
Milwaukee, Joe.  My home is your home if you're ever
in the area.  I've got a great team of guys here who
would probably love to meet you.

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