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From: "Joe Revesz" <joe.revesz@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 07:22:21 -0500
Arthur wrote:

> One of the unique aspects of DR was the "sanctity" of the Liberated Lands.  A 
> special place where the battle-weary LightRaider can retreat to as home (at 
> least in this world), a place where other he (or she) could fellowship with 
> other TwiceBorn in unparalleled safety.  A frost dragon (or any 
> cold-resistant Dark Creature) would render the OverLord's protection of the 
> Liberated Lands void.  All the Great Red Dragon could do was send several 
> dragons over the mountains in conquest...Of course a few hundred dragons 
> against a million or so TwiceBorn (and most importantly the OverLord Himself) 
> would be a losing battle for the forces of darkness.

Actually, only the dragons are repelled by the cold encountered in the 
heights of the Peaks.  Dark Creatures could bundle up in however 
many layers of clothes necessary.  Theoretically, an army of dark 
creatures could climb over the mountains and invade the Liberated 
Land.  However, since the Peaks are 26,000 feet tall, the dark 
creatures would have to bring breathing equipment that has not been 
invented yet.  And don't talk too loud about it, or they may begin 
developing the stuff ;-)

A cold resistent dragon would pose a threat to the Liberated Land, but 
there is still that lack of oxygen problem.  Besides, how many of these 
dragons are there and how many could make the climb while 
dragging a huge balloon made of animal skins (or silk) filled with air?

As an alternate to climbing over the Peaks, I am in favor of an 
adventure where the Raid Team must stop a tunneling project.  An 
obvious way to introduce dwarves and maybe gnomes.  Of course, the 
team has to collapse the tunnel without killing the dragon slaves 
working on the project.