[dragonraid] Re: New DCs: Vampire and Zombie

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From: Andrew Bartmess <abartmes@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 12:08:19 -0500
Nathan and Romney Ashton wrote:
> I think these Abominations are well thought out and purposefull.
> Three comments...
> 1) I do not like having StarLots do any sort of "effect" on DC's - the
> cross may ba able to stand since it is so envolved in the Earth myth.
> (Perhaps I am over sensitive to this area since I once played in a group
> which dripped talismans.) This would be a wonderful lie surrounding the
> creatures, and any player believing the lie would press his StarLot into
> the creature's flesh... only to have it turn into a shadow stone!

I am open to "cross only"; I just included the Starlot idea on a whim.

> 2) How much of the Abomination's particulars are known to the players?
> There is a LOT of (good) info on the Vamp. How much is AM info only?

I had a hard time back at the beginning (1980's?) of the game with the
depth of info given in the LRH about the monsters.  It seemed to me that
a newly knighted Raider wouldn't have *all* known facts about the

   Idea 1:  Perhaps all is known about the original 13 monsters, but the
rest of the info must be discovered by experience and reasearch?

   Idea 2:  Point well taken, should the upcoming Creature Catalog be
assumed from the start to be an AM thing, doled out in packets to raid
> 3) Can we (should we) link a WR to the stake thing?

  Worthy of discussion...I like the idea of the struggling vamp being
pinned as the party blasts a wordrune.  Anyone care to submit a rune for

  I will get approval from the Rules Committee and try to post the
general class information on the Abmominations.

> Excelent ideas! (especially the last paragraph under vamps!)


   Andros, the Younger Elder