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From: michael F Lilley <mlilley14@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 22:50:02 EST
Hello everyone,

After about twenty adventures with my character Alexis,
I've finally acheived The  special role of WindRider.
With the new addition of an animal companion, I have a few questions
about how they play.

What happens when the RaidTeam has to make a roll on one of the nine
Character Strengths?

Is the animal companion exempt from this roll, or do I need to come up
with a character sheet for it?

	Also, it says in the info on the WindRider that "The WindRider
receives a +2 bonus in VISion and a+2 to Lance while in aerial combat. "

The way this is worded is unclear to me.

Is the VISion bonus only given in aerial combat?
Mike Lilley

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