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From: Rich Sezov <sezov@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:15:35 -0500
> Scott wrote:
> > I have not had the oppertunity to run DR yet.  One of the things that
> > concerns me about this game over secular games is that you put yourself in
> > the position of speaking for Jesus to the group.  Although I understand
> > everything is scripted I still feel a little nervous about this.  Does
> > anyone have any comments or suggestions. 

I've struggled with the same thing. If you take the warning at the end of
Revelation seriously ("do not add to the words of this book"), it becomes a
dilemma of sorts. 

I've thought of it along the lines of the Bible translators. You have two
different schools of thought when it comes to Bible translation: literal
equivalence and dynamic equivalence. The NKJV or NASB would be modern examples
of a more literal translation; and the NIV would be a modern example of dynamic

I'm sure others on this list could define these things better than I can, but I
believe there's a good definition of these terms in the introduction to the
NKJV, if you have a copy of that translation. In any case, a literal
translation attempts to translate the Bible as word for word as possible,
allowing for differences in grammar, etc. A dynamic equivalence translation
takes a bit more liberty with the text (IMHO) and seeks to convey the same
meaning without necessarily using the same wording. So you'll see the NIV
translate John 3:16 to say "one and only son," while the NKJV will say "only
begotten son." 

Personally, I disagree with dynamic equivalence, and so I really don't like the
NIV very much (and I wish that DragonRaid didn't use it). But to bring this
back to the subject, when the OverLord is to speak in a DragonRaid adventure, I
try to take these principles and apply them to the adventure. So when the
OverLord speaks, He speaks only Scripture. No one "interacts" with Him. He says
what He has to say (i.e., His Word), and he disappears. That seems to work out
okay, and it satisfies my conscience and my desire not to put words in the
Lord's mouth. :-) 

Your brother in Christ, 

Rich Sezov
Assistant Director, Adventures for Christ
DragonRaid List Moderator