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From: Daniel Knight <faerenoth@...>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 21:53:38 -0500
Hey Guys and Gals,
Sorry about taking this long to comment on pages 1-25, Joe, but I wanted
to ask the questions and make the few comments I did have.  So without
further ado, here I go...

1)  Everthing up to page 12 is cool.

2)  On page 14 in the story line about the Great Red Dragon, third
paragraph, the wording used seemed to get a bit too sci-fi for DR.  Mind
you I'm not against sci-fi, but in most everything else DR sounds fantasy
as opposed to the other.  For example,  there are a couple of times that
terms like universal and cosmic are used.  Anyway, just something to
think about (minor really).

3)  The Dragon's Origin, page 15, last sentence of first paragraph.  We
could expand on the reasons why we need to understand the schemes of the
dragons.  Not just to keep from falling under their enchantment, but to
defend ourselves (and others) and to fight back against the dragon's

4)  General Description of Dragons, page 16, 4th paragraph.  In the
second to last sentence it says that "If you do refute the mind speech,
you inflict damage on the dragon."  Does that mean that the dragon loses
points on his/her physical vitality score?  ie:  if I say a wordrune that
blocks the dragon then he/she loses 15 pts. on their score....?

5)  In the next paragraph it talks about the dragon's various weapons: 
fire, breath, smoke, mind speech.  The last sentence says that "each
individual dragon has a breath weapon that has no relationship to it's
dragon family."  Does that mean that two sibbling dragons could have
identical weapons except for the breath weapon?  And that the breath
weapons could be extremely different from one another?  If so, then how
is that info determined and given out?  Is it given specifically to the
Adventure Master in the adventure manual?

6)  The age grouping info seems to be fine and gives enough specific
information for the player.

7)  Under the Dragon Families, I take it that each "family" is descended
from one of the nine hatchlings that occured at the beginning of the
Great Red Dragon's attack of EdenAgain?

Well, that's enough questions and comments for now.  Hopefully that is
helpful to you, Joe and those working with you to put those items
together.  Anyway, now I'm off to reading 26 through 50.  Any specific
info we need to know for that?

Searching for the Grand Story,
Dan Knight
Youth Pastor & co-Founder of SteeleKnight

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