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From: Daniel Knight <faerenoth@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 23:47:25 -0500
Hey Joe,
I had some follow-up stuff to pgs. 1-25.

In talking about #4 here, I was interpreting that when you "inflict
damage on the dragon" you are blocking the dragon's attack and
counter-attacking at the same time with word runes.  That was what I
meant.  If the dragon is attacking and I end up inflicting damage on him
as opposed to him damaging me, then I figured that there must have been a
block or a move out of harm's way.

"4)  General Description of Dragons, page 16, 4th paragraph.  In the
second to last sentence it says that "If you do refute the mind speech,
you inflict damage on the dragon."  Does that mean that the dragon loses
points on his/her physical vitality score?  ie:  if I say a wordrune that
blocks the dragon then he/she loses 15 pts. on their score....?

Yes, sort of.  A dragon does not have PV, it has Pride Factor which is
both a physical and a spiritual measure.  The LightRaider will do damage
to the dragon's Pride Factor equal to the LR's Belt of Truth score.
What do you mean "blocks the dragon"?  You can stun a dragon with a
WordRune, and you can cause PF damage be reciting certain WRs like
"Puffed Up Poof"."

For the illustrations of the dragons and dc's, are you looking for black
and white or color?

Searching for the Grand Story,
Dan Knight
Youth Pastor & co-Founder of SteeleKnight

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