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From: Jeff Smith <thehold@...>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 21:34:09 -0800
You're right, of course; it sounds like this discussion took place while 
I was offline for a week due to travel and familiy issues.  When I got 
back, I deleted an awful lot of the the messages stored in my Inbox 
without reading them.

My apologies to all for speaking without full knowledge of what was 
going on.  As the recurring character in early Saturdday Night Live 
shows used to say, "Never mind."

Joe Revesz wrote:

>>From: Jeff Smith wrote:
>>The Great Rescue is an integral part of DragonRaid, and should not be
>>removed.  If we start removing elements like that, we end up with a role
>>playing Game with a Christian theeme.  It is supposed to be a
>>discipleship program in an allegorical setting.  I don't want to
>>lose that.
>Joe wrote:
>>>Since it has been deathly quiet, I wanted to remind you all that we have
>>>started reviewing and commenting on the LightRaider Handbook,
>>pages 1 to 25
>>>or so, excluding the Great Rescue text.
>Jeff, you obviously missed the group review of the New Player Briefing that
>we did a couple of weeks ago.  We went over the Great Rescue at that time.
>So, since it is also in the LightRaider Handbook, we don't need to go over
>it again.
>Please notice that I did not say that we were going to remove the Great
>Rescue from the text, only that we were going to ignore it in the LRH since
>we already did it.
>With as many times as I have defended the discipleship aspect of the system,
>I am surprised that you would think that I would try to turn DR into a
>regular RPG.

Jeff Smith