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From: "Joe Revesz" <jrevesz@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 09:44:02 -0400
Steven Siverling writes:

> Is they a way a forum could be made for Dragonraid.

This is the DragonRaid email list.  Sometimes we get a bit off-topic, but
theological discussions and how they relate to the discipleship aspect of
the game are fair game here.

If there is something that you want to discuss, then start the thread.

> Sometimes I
> don't like
> my email cluttered up with every little thing but I still want to
> participate in the discussions.  I also don't like getting five
> emails for
> everyone one topic.  Does anyone concure?

I don't, but I may not understand you correctly.  Do you want another place
to discuss DR or is this list not doing what it is supposed to?

Anyway, this list hardly gets busy, compared to other lists that I am on.

What I don't like here is when people who reply and leave the entire
discussion attached instead of cutting off all but what they are actually
responding to.

Another thing I don't like are replies like "I agree" to long posts, and the
person still doesn't cut off the discussion from their reply.

All of this takes up space and slows down the email download for those of us
who get our email over the regular phone lines with Juno and the like.