[dragonraid] Re: [DragonRaid] Okay...here's my last attempt at finding some online Lightraiders....

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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 00:44:02 -0400
On Monday 15 April 2002 12:39 pm, Mike Daniels wrote:
<>< Hiya!  Mikey here again.  Well...after my past few attempts at
<>< finding some people to see if possibly we can get a Dragonraid game set
 up <>< online, I've finally come to this.  My idea is that anybody who would
 like <>< to try playing this game online, please e-mail me
 (neomikey@... ) with your aol <>< instant messenger (tm) screen
 name, or yahoo instant messenger (tm) screen name, <>< or your icq (tm)
 screen name, or even your irc (tm) screen name (I don't wanna <>< be sued!
 ;) ).  Or, if you have an idea for online Dragonraid roleplaying <>< that
 you'd like to share, hey, put it on the mailing list.  And by the way, <><
 from what I've been hearing for the past few months, I'm quite happy with
 the <>< way everything has been running, and that this project for a second
 edition is <>< in nice hands: God's.  ...oh yeah, Joe too...and other people
 that are <>< helping with this...but God is running this thing ;)  Anyways,
 I have to go <>< now, but I wish you all the best.  See you later, and God
 bless! <>< =)

Hey, ho neomikey. It's me Dev from espernet. I'd be willing to give AM'ing 
this I 'll drop you an email sometime this week

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